Saturday, March 19, 2011

Garden update!

So, as many of my active followers know, I am really making an effort to grow all my own food, and have a well established community garden.  I've only had one other person contribute to our garden so if anyone in the Phoenix area is interested, all it takes it 2 bags of organic garden soil for one share.  Anyway, here is the progress so far:

Baby Broccoli (PLEASE, ignore that gross lawn chair)

Baby Broccoli again

Baby Butternut Squash

Baby Eggplant (seriously?! I NEED to take that thing to goodwill)

Baby Corn... although, my dad told me it wouldn't produce anything because I don't have enough of it :(

Baby Lettuce

More baby lettuce

I bought this plant at the farmers market last week

It just started producing fruit!

It's very well established in such a short time.

Yay for Tomatoes

The whole garden as is, right now. 
Going to weed whack this weekend...

My planted Mint from last fall still going strong

Organic Tomato in our front yard, in a pot.  
From last summer, thought it froze but I kept watering it anyway, now it's got a fruit!

Baby Spinach! 
I will have to transfer this seedling soon.

Babies Spinaches

Oregano, from an organic store bought plant, but it's 3x as big as it was from the store.

Organic Rosemary, store bought but doing great!

My little ceramic mushrooms I made

Organic Fenugreek (for healthy lactation!)

More mushrooms

Organic baby Cilantro from seeds

Mint from store bought plant, going to make soap with it :)

Mini garden gnome and sprouting Organic Parsley

Humming Bird Haven seed mix from Whole Foods, just starting to sprout

Well, that's all for my garden tour for now!  Happy Planting and Growing!

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