Monday, March 21, 2011

Momma Monday no. 31

This past week Sonja ate lettuce.  by accident.  I mean not really an accident because we've been letting her play with lettuce every night at dinner, but we usually take the torn up bite size pieces away.  Well, Wednesday night she got one, in her throat and started drooling like crazy, not chocking but not swallowing.  I tried to swipe to remove it but it was way back and even though I did the baby pat on the back to get it up she swallowed it.  So no more lettuce at dinner to play with... I'll have to find something more no teeth eating friendly. Anyway, here are some photos from the week:

I bought these Norwegian blocks before Sonja was born on and HAD to get them for Little Miss S, she's finally old enough to play with them.

Aren't these awesome?!
Wood blocks with non-toxic paint.

These are from the photo shoot I was conducting in the back yard.  
Cupcake was more interested in the camera strap than the camera or me.

The dogs wanted to participate.

I was spying on her in the morning while making breakfast, she's been rocking back and forth on all fours.
She put one knee in front of the other but then collapsed.  Any day now!

Here's that camera strap again :)

Little feet, yawning dog

She LOVES playing in the grass!

Playing with soccer balls in my kitchen with her Aunt Brandy and little cousin.

Sunday night March 20, 4 days before her 6 month birth day, she did it. She crawled. One hand and one foot FORWARD! and then she collapsed, but still, she did it! I am one proud mama.

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