Monday, March 28, 2011

Momma Monday no. 32

This past week has been crazy busy.  We had 2 of our closest friends visiting and Sonja has had a blast with all the fun this week.  She was also 6 months old on Thursday the 24h! She is still not quite crawling correctly but she gets the idea and tries a lot.  She also gets frustrated when she doesn't move the way she wants to.

Monday was nice because I didn't have to teach but I did have to wait until midnight for our friends to arrive, and that night (or technically Tuesday morning) I was woken up to Husband getting home with friends and cupcakes!

Brianna sent us some cupcakes which we finished off in no less than 24 hours

Our dog Lola LOVES her Jxn, and Cupcake loves to watch her doggies go crazy.

Tuesday was a nice day for us all to hang out and Husband hung out with SLC and the guys while I taught Art.

Wednesday, I hosted a dinner party (image heavy) at my house for all the bestest friends.  Sonja had a blast with all the house guests and another sweet little boy of our friends.  Here's the set up for the party and some photos of the food:
Patio, so nice to have such great weather year round here.

Piñata for the Fiesta

New table set Husband bought me for a late Valentine's day gift. (from Hobby Lobby)

I married my best friend AND he cooks!
I did set both tables while holding a little baby.

Alex made name plates and seating arrangements 

 Cupcake was a trooper and stayed up 2 whole hours past her bed time.

My sister eating and making Churros!

Goofy faces :)

Thursday, was our park day:

Saturday, Husband and Baby and I went to the farmer's market and enjoyed the sunny day together, after enjoying a delicious breakfast on our newly decorated patio. 

Sunday, we had an impromptu 2nd dinner party, this time a BBQ and much smaller guest list.  I made some amazing pound (cup)cakes and some fresh whipped cream.
Homemade organic pound (cup)cakes with homemade organic whipped cream topped with organic strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Because what’s the point of being a house wife if you can’t make your own whipped cream or bake your own pound cupcakes?
Whipped cream recipe here (modifications: add a drop of orange extract and use ORGANIC milk)

And that was my week, busy mama with a lovely baby.  She is happy and interested in everything.  She likes to grunt now, and tries to use sounds to communicate.  She doesn't say anything with meaning yet, even though she does say da da da da a lot.  She just keeps getting sweeter with age.  No matter how many times I hear, "just wait" I AM excited to wait and enjoy each moment of amazing-ness with Little Cupcake!

Happy Momma Monday!

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