Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sonja's First Trip

We took a dray trip to Prescott yesterday and that was the first time Cupcake has been out of town.  Here are the photos from the day...

Driving up, Jxn sleeping

Aunt A.

Daddy driving
First stop Hotel Saint Michael for lunch

Tomato Bisque soup

Love all the ceilings in the old Prescott buildings

Aren't they beautiful?

Next stop candy shop for fudge.

Some chocolate covered marshmallows I did not get

Kitch-y Signs

Favorite Floors


Pretending I was pregnant again...

Artwork at The Raven Cafe

Playing with Daddy

Grass Time

Uncle Jxn keeping her entertained while we ate dinner

Prescott Brewing Company, black bean burger


Goodnight Prescott.

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