Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tattoo Thursday

My older sister is visiting from New Mexico with her family over spring break so my younger sister and I finally got her to make an appointment with us to get matching matryoshka tattoos!  I married a White Russian and my sister spent the last 5 years in Alaska with a heavy Russian influence so the dolls are important to us all. Here's what our day looked like...

Starting on my outline.
After a short break for breastfeeding in the tattoo shop, never thought I'd be doing that...
Mine! all done.
My older sister starting the outline.

She HATES the pain, so hers is small but wonderful with matching accents.

I had to head home with a tired baby, but my younger sister stayed to get hers done: 

I don't have the time with an almost 6 month old to watermark all these photos but PLEASE link back to here if you repost them, not only because it's my (and my sisters') bodies, but because Lexi Mosh deserves credit for her amazing tattoos! After all, she's only an apprentice! LOVE HER!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That's a really cute idea, and they all turned out great!

  2. Nice! When I saw your tat on Fri I thought it looked fresh - I had no idea how recent it was! It looks great.