Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Altered Form

When working on the wheel in ceramics, it can be difficult to center a piece perfectly.  It can be learned obviously, but sometimes a certain piece of clay just won't stay put or is begging to not be a perfect circular cylinder or bowl, sometimes it's begging to be an altered form.   This vessel was begging to modified.  No matter how hard I tried to get this piece centered it wouldn't stay.  So, finally I decided to give into the clay.  Because, what's the point in working with clay if you're not willing to listen to it?!  Here is an alerted form vessel from the past few weeks.
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Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love this.... I have been craving making my own tea mug to take to school with me. Any suggestions of a studio I could go to that would provide such a service? I am clueless in the pottery/art realm, but think I could create something interesting and fun. Would appreciate any input! Thanks!