Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nap Time; Native Painting

I've set a new goal for myself.  Orginally, this blog was to give me "something to do" while staying home, as if being a mommy wasn't enough.  It was supposed to be a side project for my restless mind.  And while I enjoy typing and documenting, I miss painting.  So, I'm going to start painting during Sonja's nap times and NOT blogging or facebooking.  Here's what I painted last night:
I bought a $1.69 frame from goodwill for this project specifically.

I've been wanting to paint a Native American woman with a head dress for a while now...

Here she is almost finished...

A black and white image because it looks so classy.

The finished colored image. 

I had to cut it down quite a bit, which was diappointing, but she fits nicely now.  I forgot how much I liked watercolor images and how quick I could actually do them.  This piece took a little under 2 hours, which is nice compared to my larger acrylic pieces which can take 20+ hours.

I really love this image but MIGHT sell it on Etsy, I need the money and I can do more... we'll see how this painting during nap time goes, I might have a LOT of work to sell, if you'd buy this leave me a comment, no commitment, just want to see if it's worth listing :)

Happy Art Viewing!

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