Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ceramics Final Reflection

I have been meaning to post this for a while now.  I wanted to share a reflection on this semester of ceramics with you.  For our final we had a critique and pot luck.  It was short but sweet for me as I had to bring Cupcake with me, since her daddy had a headache.  I was only able to stay for about 2 hours.  Anyway, as a final thought on the semester I thought I'd share a short video from the previous week featruing my favorite firing process: Raku. And a few images of my work further below.

Unfortunately, Raku is not food safe so I don't use if often, as I prefer my pieces to be highly functional. Here's the short video I had my sister take during that last week of the process.

Mini mushrooms
Original set of mini mushrooms.

Vase or Vessle (gifted to my mother)

Double handled mug. (gifted to Shell Walker).

Mug for Husband.

Dualism Vessle, sensual and nourtouring.
(milk pours from the lingerie covered breasts)

Mug for Babymoon Inn.

Mug for Babymoon Inn

Bottom of my favorite bowl.

Favorite bowl.
Coleman Purple (it runs a lot!) and black pearl glaze.

Large serving platter, matching glazes.

Button planter, imprinted texture of actual buttons and clay "button" additions

Last but not least! my first attempt at a tea pot.
Not great but not bad.  I used low fire glazes (like you'd find at As You Wish).
Chocolate Cupcake with a cherry on top, candy cane handle and melted mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

More mushrooms.

Another large platter.

This piece was one of my last, and I just got it.  I had to wait until summer session for it to be glaze fired!

I think that's all my work. Hope you enjoyed it! 

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