Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Herb Mama Class

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend a class at Midwives Rising recently taught by the Herb Mama, Latisha.  It was about the 8 ways to incorporate herbs into your everyday life. I'm not going to elaborate on the list below because that's what her class is about.  But I will share some of the images I took of the class.

If you are looking for more info. contact the Herb Mother, Latisha, via her website and become an herb mama (or papa) yourself!

1. Drink your Herbs! (Teas, Wines and more)

2. Cook your Herbs.

3. Clean your home with Herbs.

4. Cleanse your body with Herbs.

5. Heal with Herbs.

6. Give Herbs.

7. Grow Herbs.

8. Herbs for your Spirit.
I am honored to know such amazing women, if only for a moment. 
Women, who take the serious task of loving the world around them.
Of shedding tears of wonder, appreciation and respect for the earth and all she has to offer.

I don't think I've ever been so excited about Rosemary or any other herb for that matter.  I'm looking forward to incorporating herbs into ALL aspects of my life.  Get ready for some D.I.Y. Herbing :)

Happy Herbing!

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