Thursday, July 21, 2011

D.I.Y. Upcycled Night Stands!

Tools and Materials:
2 Ugly Thrifted End Tables
Sand Paper
Spray Paint of your choice
Screw Drivers
Wet Washcloth (not pictured)
Dry Washcloth (not pictured)
Faux Glaze or Clear Coat (not pictured)
Mini Roller (not pictured)



The Thrifted Set.

Hardware Detail.

Remove Hardware with Screwdriver, careful not to strip stubborn screws.

Well worn detail.

Hardware Before Detail.

Damaged Surface Detail.

Damaged Surface Detail.

Damaged Surface Detail while sanding.

Semi Sanded Surface.

Other Damaged Surface.

Post Sanded Damaged Surface.

Post Sanding Before Painting.
Wipe with wet washcloth, then dry with dry washcloth before painting, this removes the dust from sanding.

Immediate Post Paint.

Side by Side Before and After.

1 can down, 2 to go.

Okay, so, this is the easiest upcycling project I've done.
1. remove hardware
2. sand
3. spray paint
4. seal with faux glaze or clear coat
5. move into house (yet to happen here)

{I did finish this BUT a huge dust storm blew in before we moved them inside and now they're covered in dust, waiting until our room is painted to bring them in, but when I do you'll see the whole finished product, please don't hate me for making you wait}


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