Friday, July 22, 2011

Link Love

I've collected some more links I'd like to share...

So proud of my bestest friend, his modeling debut.

Home Births on the Rise? Who wouldn't want to stay in the comforts of their own home while having a total NORMAL bodily experience? If you can pee by yourself, poop by yourself and have the flu by yourself, don't you think you can birth by yourself? or at least with the support of a skilled midwife?? I do!

Don't wait! Someday may never come. Inspiration and gentle real talk.

Ever wonder why organic costs more?  it's not because it's chic, it's because it's responsible.

HEY! that's my belly! Creative Motion Photography; Images by 2 talented photographers.

10 Breastfeeding mistakes you can easily avoid, by reading this!

A great book for any kid that won't go to sleep.

I don't feed sonja processed anything, so making our own baby food is a must, Darcy does it too, and shows you how EASY! it is. here.

An amazing story, twins reunited after midwife holds one hostage for payment, thanks to American midwife stepping in.

A huge shameless plug for my mum and baby photography project; Mumby Photography.  Recently updated.

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