Monday, August 29, 2011

Momma Monday No. 53

Well, apparently fate thought I needed another week of summer, and I have to admit... I agree.

I was supposed to start teaching this week with an after school drawing program, but the fliers didn't go home with the kids on time and so we're starting a week later.

For my High School, we were supposed to start Wednesday, but 2 teachers resigned last minute so that got pushed back to next week too.

My family was still in San Diego from that beautiful wedding I mentioned last week.  So, I didn't have to go into my office job since my boss {my uncle} wasn't there.

Monday was a recovery day from our vacation, you know that; unpack, wash everything, go grocery shopping type day.  Followed by Breakfast for dinner with my BIL and future Sister-In-Law.  We drank this cucumber juice with tequila drink he made, and if you're into a refreshing alcoholic beverage, this is it.  yummy. Although, I only got to drink a sip since I'm still trying to avoid alcohol for the anti-candida diet.

Sonja and I spent Tuesday running a few quick errands and then she slept for most of the day, letting me work on some artwork, lessons, birthday invitations {my mom's, sister's and Sonja's} and blogging.

My sister came over on Wednesday, like usual.  We got crafty and finished the invitations for her birthday and Sonja's {I'll be posting a more detailed DIY for both so keep an eye out}.  September is creeping up on us and that is birthday month in our family.  We've got 5 birthdays!  That's more than one a week!

My sister's

Speaking of Birthdays, Wednesday night was my Brother-in-Law and Nonnie-in-Law's birthday dinner.  Yummy pizza and salad!  I brought my camera but in all the chaos that is Sonja I forgot to take pictures. opps.

Latch On America stopped in Phoenix on Thursday at Midwives Rising {my Midwife's office} and connected breastfeeding mamas, advocates, supporters and organizers together. Check out the turn out!


Thanks to my Uncle for donating the water jug!

This sign is seriously impressive.
Take a close look at what breast {human} milk has to offer and then what formula has.
Huge difference!!

My friend Angie and I talked to people about Eats on Feets ~ Central AZ.  Angie, the social networker, was busy talking to healthcare professionals including the head of a local NICU unit.  She's also planning presentations for health care professionals regarding Eats on Feets, and getting human milk to human babies!

On Friday, I went to my classroom for a bit while my BIL watched Cupcake. I got a lot of my supplies unloaded and unpacked.  Photos of my classroom coming soon.  I share the room, but I also take over the wall space, maybe I should document it as the walls get more and more covered...

That afternoon I attended a vaccine lecture at Babymoon inn with NMD Philip M. Wazny from integrative health.  I learned a few interesting fact {I showed up a little late}, like, did you know if you delay vaccines and wait until your daughter is five (seven for boys) to start any, you increase her risk of M.S.?  I didn't, anyway I plan on doing a more extensive post on vaccines and why we're not, but also some information about your choices if you DO want to vaccinate.

In the evening I met my friend Jessica for coffee. Sonja slept on me most of the time, we discussed annoying people, like the girl at the register who didn't want to do two transactions for the coffee and tea.  And some very exciting weddings of our friends that are coming up!  It's really great to have a weekly monthly meet up for some girl chat.

We went to the farmer's market on Saturday for cupcakes and produce.  I love treehouse bakery, vegan sweets for Sonja's birthday are in the works!  This week she had rocky road cupcakes and marshmallows, sooo good.

After buying cupcakes, I went and baked some, with my friend Katie.  We decided to get together at her house to have a play date. I made chocolate banana cupcakes for my brother in law's birthday party that night.

His birthday party was a fun time full of food and swimming, Sonja enjoyed pool time with Daddy and I ate my fill of cupcakes and fruit salad.

Sunday, I took engagement photographs of my friends at the abandoned Phoenix Trotting Park race track.  I'm loving them, the location was disturbing and surreal.  See?

yes, he's laying in a pile of broken glass.

hide and seek?

We ended the weekend with some yummy pizza from Spinato's with our old room mate.

I'm exhausted.  I hope I can keep up with this coming week, office work, art classes and first days of school.

Hope you had a great week and here's to another good one!  Happy Momma Monday!

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  1. You have just made me want cupcakes!! I have yet to try Treehouse Bakery. Are they only at the Phx Farmer's Market? I have yet to see them at any others!

  2. They accept custom orders online and have an etsy store, they'll ship to you, but the only place to get them in real life is at the PHX public market, like them on facebook for their schedule, they're only there some weekends.