Thursday, September 1, 2011

Link Love No. 2

Here's some links I've collected over the past few weeks, hope you find them as interesting as I do.

A little article about musicians named Wayne, by an author named Wayne {my Brother-in-Law}.

Lactation Intolerance in the U.S. and some thoughts about breastfeeding.

...and speaking of breastfeeding here's my first published images on the internet from the Latch On America event at Midwives Rising. over at The Examiner by my friend Angie.

Watch this community come together to create a keyhole garden, and learn how to make one yourself!  I wish I could get this type of involvement for my community {sister, brother, and friend} garden.

Watch these women and what they're doing to their bodies, no one should ever find this sexy, my daughter will know food nourishes her, and know she is beautiful {and so are you}.

thanks to That Mama Gretchen for sharing this idea!  LOVE it, going to make them with my scraps!

Those are all I have right now, but you know I'm always making lists so there will be more soon.  enjoy.

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