Friday, November 25, 2011

Dining Room Chair Before and After

Let's start from the beginning, remember these? or this post?

I asked my readers to vote and they (you) did.
colorful chairs with unique fabric on each won.

So I started with one chair, and made it a yellow frame with owl print.  Here's the process.
remove the seat from the chair, all I needed was a Phillips screwdriver.

Start removing the fabric, I used needle nose pliers to do the job...

... and I ripped the fabric off the padding.

Once stripped you're ready to work!

The cushion wasn't great but these are extra chairs so I didn't replace them, eh..
you probably should. if you have the money.

measure the fabric for the seat.

Using a staple gun stretch the fabric, similar to stretching a canvas.

One staple on the right, then the left pulling snugly.

then one on top and one on the bottom.
repeat in this fashion always working one on each side across from each other.

Corners can be tricky, I wrap them like a package.

all stretched.

from the top.

Then if you desire, cut away the extra fabric, don't measure too close to avoid this step, this extra is what allowed me to pull snugly.

Done with the seat!

Now for the chair.... 
Sand it, wipe it, paint it.

I actually used 2 cans...

after the first coat of spray paint.

after the second coat of spray paint.

And here's the finished project!  

Hope this helps inspire a little D.I.Y. Chair upcycling project of your own!

Happy Chair Transforming!


  1. Wow! I really love this tutorial! I have been wanting to up cycle some furniture of mine! How hard do you suppose a couch would be?? Ever up cycled a couch before-I have this itch to try!

  2. I have never done a couch, it's actually way to overwhelming to me. Not just a couch... I'm not sure I could do a fully upholstered chair, this was easy! That's how I like me upcycling projects :)

  3. Came out great! Like the new blog look too!

  4. This made me happy. I totally want that chair in my freakin' dining room.