Sunday, November 13, 2011

D.I.Y. Upcycled Tee Shirt into Baby Shirt

I couldn't think of a better way to phrase the title of this post, so let me explain if it's confusing...
I had an old shirt.  I had a tiny stain on said shirt.  I was in the middle of other sewing projects and thought I could use this old shirt to complete them, so I cut it and am in the process of using it, but I still had the top half... so I decided to use one of Sonja's shirts as a pattern/template and cut out the size of a shirt for her.  Here's how it went:

I started documenting this project about half way through, opps.  
Bad Blogger, I know.
BUT, really all this is, is a shirt cut into the smaller shape of a baby shirt with the sides hemmed.
Not anything challenging.

Detail of the side seams, this is the inside, the shirt is inside out.

The shirt is now hemmed on the left sleeve, I left a raw edge with thread.
I stretched the fabric as the machine sewed, that way it ruffles when sewn.

I found this small amount of ribbon in my craft drawer and folded it into a bow to hide the stain.

This bow would NOT last on it's own, but since I sewed it onto the shirt I know it will last.

Placement of the bows, ready to sew.

This is the other sleeve, just hold the edge to the needle.

Same for the bottom hem of the shirt.
If you want a normal hem, let the machine pull itself,
if you want a ruffled type hem, stretch the fabric as it feeds.

Ready to sew the bows.

Place on fabric, sew.
forward, back, forward, back stitching should keep it there for a while :)


Here The Cupcake is, wearing it :)


  1. how cute is that?!?! you've got some skills!!

  2. ps, just looked at your etsy! I noticed you too, are from Arizona! Im from Mesa/Tempe area..

  3. Love this! And what a neat blog find :) You and I have a lot in common.

    xo, mrs. stone