Thursday, November 3, 2011

Link Love no. 6

Some of the cutest kiddos I know.

7 Reasons Kale Is the New Beef | Energetic Health, love kale, and if you haven't had it yet, go get it!  add some lemon juice or saute to remove the bitter taste.  so good.

Even though we make plenty of money I still feel like sometimes we're living pay check to pay check, like I can't deviate from our budget or else! but this post helped me realize I have everything I need and I should and can be happy with it.

I WILL be making these. yum.

Are you drinking public water?  maybe not after reading this.

And in case I need to say it again, this is why I don't support SGK or Pinkwashing.

Non-GMO Halloween?  A few days late, but something to keep in mind for next year and through the rest of the holiday season.

I have a serious sweet tooth and these do not help.

My friend, Katie, shared her birth story here, and it's so sweet I ALMOST want to do it again ;)

9 Life Saving Car Seat Rules that you're probably not really following, I know we weren't aware of 5 and 7.

I like this article about sexy costumes for Halloween, apparently, some other women do not, enjoy the comments.

Love this story of a happy home birth.

Will be using some of these recipes this November.

Why women are taking births into their own hands and homes! BEFORE BIRTHING DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Oh and one more reason to birth at home, just saying :)

Happy Link Reading!

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