Friday, November 11, 2011

Surviving the Sickness; Flu

Ignore the Fruit Spins those aren't healthy, they're my sister in laws :)

If you're a follower here you might have noticed my last post about being sick.  As a mama who advocates natural healing over pharmaceutical healing I thought my Sick Kit might help you as much as it helps me.  Also, I'm going to print this so next time we get sick Hubs has all my necessities in one place!

1. Cold Wet Washcloth.  Keep the tummy calm or back soothed as the fever runs it's course.
2. Heating Pad. Could have used this to help with the aches on my back after being sick.
3. Water. duh.
4. Coconut Water.  Soothed my stomach, dehydrated and added calories to refresh my body, way better than the dyed Gatorade I usually drink.
5. Yogurt.  Healthy cultures sooth my tummy, also it's easy to get down, no effort of chewing, just swallowing.
6. Bananas.  They are usually on my no buy list because of their import method but when I'm sick the potassium helps get me less achy and they require little chewing effort.
7. Saltine Crackers. Once you're ready to graduate to chewing this is a gentle transition back to solids.
8. Real Frozen Fruit (in popcicle form).  Helps replenish sugars in your body but again easier to suck than chew.
9. Epsom Salt.  This isn't for eating, it's for bathing.  Helps to relieve aches and pains.
10. Ginger!  any form will do, REAL ginger ale, or ginger chews will help calm an upset tummy.  Also helpful during those morning sickness phases.
11. Apple Cider Vinegar.  Mix one shot vinegar with one part water and drink.  It soothes and upset tummy and the vinegar kills any lingering bacteria in your stomach. Repeat as often as necessary.
Also, you can create a Vinegar Pack! Pour apple cider vinegar on your stomach, top with saran wrap to keep the vinegar from evaporating and then place a heating pad or warm wash cloth on top.  This helps settle a stomach from the outside, and was recommended to us by our Naturopath.
12. Vegetable Stock.  We're vegetarians so we do the veggie stock, but I'm sure chicken stock would also do the trick.  This is also an easier to swallow than chew foods, lots of nutrition so it helps with recovery time.
13.  Teas.  Once you're sure you're not going to get sick again, teas are very helpful with recovery, usually a ginger tea with tummy issues, but also echinacea will help strengthen your immune system.

Hope you find this list helpful next time someone you love is sick.  Happy Healthy Healing!

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