Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do It Yourself; Seattle and The Flight Home {day 5}

Last Breakfast at Cloud City, until next time anyway...

Seattle Airport was not as baby friendly.  We had to wait in the normal line for security which was at least twice as long as the line at Sky Harbor.  Sonja was not impressed, and we all heard about it.

Once we were on the plane it was pretty smooth sailing.  Sonja clapped on take off and climbed on our laps for the first hour of the flight, then nursed to sleep for the rest of the flight.  

Complementary Ginger Ale for the flight home.

We did a lot while in Seattle, but here's the list we made on day one and I saved for next time...
If anyone knows where to get macaroons (the french kind) in Seattle or Phoenix, let me know!!

Donuts Post Flight!

AND in case anyone needs another reason to use cloth instead of paper.
This red rash/irritation is from her Seven Generation diapers we used in combination with her cloth while traveling.  She only wore paper for 2 days and for only parts of the day...maybe 15-20 total and this is what it did to her poor skin :(


I'll be back again after the holidays with a great giveaway and some images from the Holidays!

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