Monday, January 30, 2012

Anti Candida Diet {week 3}

I'm starting week three now, and I feel okay.  Still some symptoms and checking in with the Naturopath this week and hopefully she'll let me know how much longer I need to do this diet.

My skin looks good, but I'm missing some of my favorite foods.  Mostly Breads.  I had a really terrible Saturday and I was so upset I decided that I should have pizza, it might have been a bad food choice but it was delicious and I don't regret it at all.  I didn't notice any difference symptom wise and I'm back on the diet full force now, even though my favorite coffee shop had vanilla Macarons {one of the reasons we're going to paris in 2013 is because of my cravings for perfect macarons!} I didn't get one, but I hope they make them again in a few weeks!

Anyway here's what I've been eating lately...
Salad with olive oil, lemon and garlic for dressing

Rice pasta with spinach ALMOST tastes like normal pasta

It looks like this with soft mozzarella on top

We went out to eat for my father in laws birthday at California Pizza Kitchen, their hummus was the closest thing to the diet {it has a small amount of soy in it} but I made buckwheat pancakes to use as pita and brought them with me.

I've adjusted well to Stevia and this vanilla creme  flavor works really well in yogurt,
I will be using honey in my coffee once I'm back to normal though.

I made myself some gluten free, vegan, buckwheat and quinoa flour crackers.

Baked eggplant with fresh mozzarella balls {approved by my Dr. for MY diet}
with rice noodles and home made tomato sauce.

The only snack I'm enjoying.
2 green apples a day max, and you can bet I'm maxing out everyday.
Normally, no fruit is allowed on this diet, I'm not sure why she's allowing me 2 of these a day, but I'm not about to loose the privilege so I'm just accepting it!

And the meal plan for this week is:
Last night; 4 oz lamb roast with veggies
Monday; Asian Stir Fry NO SAUCE, ginger and lime for flavor
Tuesday; Spinach rice spaghetti with tomato sauce and salad
Wednesday; Quinoa Casserole, modified to be Anti-Candida friendly {mine will be tortilla and cheese free}
Thursday; Baked eggplant and fettuccine style rice noodles with a butter garlic sauce
Friday; Butternut Squash Pizza, mine will be baked on my quinoa crust.

Now, if everything is going well according to my dr. I will only have one more week,  which I'm seriously hoping for.  I really want some Fran's Chocolate Caramels on Valentine's day. hint hint.

Happy Monday, and wish me luck!


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