Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 {or more} Things I'm LOVING about this Little Girl Right Now!

1. "Hold ou" as in hold you, or better, hold me! It really is the cutest thing when she says this at my feet.
2. Warrioriorioriorrrrs. or at least she tries to sing, The Warriors {come out and play} theme song.
3.  Pointing to her little toes and requesting "weee" as in this little piggy went to the market, this one stayed home, this one had {favorite food}, this little piggy had none and this little piggy went weeeeeeee all the way home.
4. Rips off sage and rosemary leaves from our herb garden, smells them and says "ah"  so sweet.
5. Yoga Baby!  she does down dog, bridge and hands to heart center upon request and if she's feeling like it on her own too. so cute!

6. She now says, Nite Nite, Chi Chi, as in give me some milk {chi chi Spanish for boobies} and let's go to bed.
7. She will do something she find funny and laugh uncontrollably, this is Husband's favorite.
8.  Loves drawing "bitures" pictures, and holds her pen so purposefully and loves drawing with chalk on her "back bord" which translates to black board.
9.  This is kind of weird, but, she tells me "boop" which is trying to sound like poop.  She always goes on the toilet now and lets me know so I can get her there on time.  It's so nice to not change poopy diapers, I LOVE E.C.
10. "no, no, no" but in a super cute voice you can't resist smiling, whether its refusing food, resisting going inside or anything else she wants to do, we all just giggle.  She'll also push away whatever it is and that only makes it cuter.
Oh and just because I don't really update about much these days and my daughter becoming a toddler, I will also note that she's talking.  A LOT.  She's combining words, not quite sentences but "want mama," or" daddy's truck," or "bye bye Lola."

I'm just so happy I get to hang out with her most of the day and learn with her and teach her thing and show her things myself.  We do a lot during the day, hence the lack of D.I.Y. posts, not many of the big list I have going are things that are easily done with a toddler in one arm.  Thanks for being patient as I cleanse my body with this diet and enjoy being a mom to a wild one, I promise to post many more ideas and projects as soon as I can get them going.

Lot of Love,

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