Monday, February 13, 2012

What Sonja Wore no. 9

This is one of my favorite current outfits and actually one of her's too.
Cupcake here is finally old enough to start telling me what she wants to wear.

And these shoes are usually one of them.  They're from her Uncle Danny and Auntie Janay's wedding.  She was a flower girl and these were her shoes.  SUPER cute right?!  You know I don't like anything new, but new shoes for a wedding as a gift from the bride and groom, how could I not love them?! I'm pretty sure they're from target and they have a bow on them which Cupcake here LOVES telling me about, "bo, bo, bo"!

I made this onesie a little while back and it still fits.

and the adorable ORGANIC cotton leg warmers?  a gift from our midwife when I stopped in to say hi!  She actually gave me quite a stash, someone sweet had shared them with her and she gifted some of them to Sonja.  They're made by baby legs.

The complete set.  Don't worry I saved the plastic to reuse as storage for things I make...

Happy Baby Wardrobe Documenting!

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