Thursday, May 24, 2012

D.I.Y. Photo Button Magnets and Push Pins from Contact Sheets

I almost threw away these (above) sheets of pictures that came with a recent shutterfly order. Then, I remembered I have a one inch round hole puncher and a bunch of non-recyclable bottle caps lying around.  So, I did what any other upcycler would have and punched out my favorite images from the small contact sheet and saved them for bottle cap creating.  You can see here and below, how to complete the bottle cap project.

For the magnets it's easy.  Just drop your inserts in! 

After adding the image, glue the magnet onto the sanded surface of the bottle cap using hot glue, epoxy or super glue.

For the push pins it's a little extra work, take a nail and hammer in into the center of the bottle cap.
Then, insert the thumb tack...

Set flat in basket or push into a flat cork board.

I used a basket as a working surface so the push pins could rest flat on this surface to dry.

Add Mod Podge using a paint brush.  Make sure to use a thick amount to properly cover the insert.

After you add mod podge your magnets or push pins should look like this.

finally, glue magnet onto the back when dry if not using the push pin method.

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