Friday, May 25, 2012

Functional Friday No. 27

Baking Soda!
Image of Whole Food's Brand; Baking Soda

I recently rediscovered my love of baking soda.  I've been using it as shampoo (mix with lemon once a week) and for brushing Sonja's teeth (it's safe since she doesn't know how to spit yet) and as usual fridge and freezer freshener.  But here's some new ideas and uses I've found via pinterest.  Oh and another awesome thing about it, it doesn't come in plastic! Perfect for my War on Plastic challenge for 2013 and the packaging is recyclable.

Here's a list of 51 amazing uses for baking soda. Or how about 75 uses??

Stain Remover and more recipes.

Fresh Towels? Yes, please!

No more yellow stains on my white shirts? Also, a yes.

Co-Sleeping means our mattress isn't always the freshest, until this recipe!

and here's a Toothpaste Recipe!

Happy Functional Friday!

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