Tuesday, July 31, 2012

D.I.Y. Matryoshka Doll Tutorial

Recently, I've been working on upcycling old clothes into new things.

My mom was going to donate this skirt but I thought it would make the cutest matryoshka dolls and also be great fabric for some pennant banners I plan on making for Sonja's 2nd birthday.
First I flipped it inside out and used a hand drawn matryoshka pattern.
I cut it out, and some circles for the faces.
Sewed the face onto one half of the body.
Then faced the pretty sides towards each other.
Started sewing at the bottom but left an opening at the base to stuff the doll.
I stopped about 2-3 inches away from where I started
Flipped the fabric inside out
Then stuffed it with scrap fabric I saved for this project.
Almost all stuffed
Once full, really full I closed the bottom by folding the opening in on itself {as you can see below}
Tuck the raw edges inside of the doll and hold together with a pin, almost like lips.
Sew closed, it's an exposed seam but I didn't mind because the thread matches the face.
Trim extra thread off.
And give to a baby.

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