Monday, July 9, 2012

Link Love no. 14

Hope you all are loving summer as much as I love these links!

If I had to write a birth plan for a hospital I think it would have to be something like this.  Laughing so hard, I promise you will too.

I think this is a great read about feeling like something is a risk and it actually being a risk.  People trying to scare moms, isn't helping anyone, including babies.

Can't wait to try out this candy shoppe, when we're in San Francisco.  If you have any other AMAZING San Fran suggestions, please, make them now!

This is the cutest kid stationary I think I've ever seen.

And what about these? also adorable!

I wish this was going on while we were in San Diego.  If you're in the area July 13 - August 12 check out this art event! and if you're a tumblr here's their link.

A really great read on kids in America and kids else where.  Why are Americans so spoiled?  

Um. I love this new found blog! check it out.  She makes stuff for sale too!

Really great information on how to handle a toothache naturally {for those of us without dental insurance or people who like to avoid toxic compounds}

I just didn't realize how bad fireworks are for the environment...

Great info. on how to save water for watering a garden.

Coconut black bean brownies?? I'm going to try them!

I have a bunch more links and pin on my pinterest board if you like what you see here, I haven't been doing much link love since I started pinning, but I'll make an effort if you all want me to!


  1. You have to eat at Herbivore! And Pizza Nostra is one of our favorite pizza places ever. Are you planning to visit the California Academy of Sciences? A little pricey to get in, but really cool once you're there! I wanna go with you! Haha!

    1. added the restaurants to my list. wasn't planning on doing much in the city. We're actually staying with family about 45 minutes out. I'm so excited!! We've never been.

  2. birth plan = HILARIOUS! thanks for the laugh