Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Getaway {San Diego 2012}

This past weekend we headed to San Diego to meet up with my family also on vacation there.  My sister and her boys and my parents were already there.  Sonja was so excited to see them!

Once we played for a bit with the cousins we headed out for some Thai food at Narraya a local restaurant I've been wanting to try for years. 
Spring rolls. 
Spicy Noodles with Chicken {for Husband} 
Thai Rama with tofu {my go to!}
Thankfully, my mom ordered pad thai with tofu so I got to eat that too!

After dinner we walked back to my parent's hotel to watch the sun set. 

We woke up and hung out with my Aunt's Birds and their Dog Ivan!
Sonja's new best friends.

Then, we headed to breakfast, Hash House had a wait.  So, we put our names in and then walked over to PappaLecco for an espresso, best decision I could have made, this place was authentico.   
Gelato and Italian Bakery
I got the saccottino! and a vanilla latte with almond milk!
After our breakfast snack we were seated at the Hash House.
If you've never been here before, I highly recommend it.  I also recommend sharing a plate because they are HUGE servings.
Above; Eggs Benedict sub avocado for ham.
notice how small the fork is on the plate! 
Sonja enjoyed my watermelon.

A quick stop at the beach before heading back to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner.

Gave Gretch a tour of the house, and thought I should share the view from their master bedroom.  Amazing RIGHT?!
My aunt made the BEST salad and we all enjoyed hanging out on their patio. 
My Aunt Lisa would be livid if she knew I posted this picture of her, but I love Sonja and Grandma playing in the background too much to leave it out... 
 Not only do they have a beautiful view, they also have beautiful flowers all over their front yard.

The view from Wayne and Gretchen's room {of Little Italy}
Free Roof Top Yoga! 
Wayne and his goofy face, and me sorting out my camera before class.

After yoga we headed to The Mission for breakfast. 
French Toast. 
Breakfast Burritos and Baby Bears. 
Quesadilla and Mimosa for Wayne.

After a late breakfast we walked to the beach... 
I don't like sun block and hardly use it {long list of reasons, mostly because it's toxic} however on a beach day it's sort of a necessary evil, we use this brand and a cover up.
Grandma, Cupcake and I heading into the water.

After cleaning up and getting dinner we headed back to PappaLecco and got dessert.
Stracciatella Gelato and Cannolis 

I really, really wanted to sleep in.  But that did not happen.

Instead, we headed out and over to see Wayne and Gretchen again and walk around Little Italy.
Parking was difficult but Husband's a pro.
Plus, it's Little Italy, and in Italy they use their bumpers for bumping so we took a risk. 

After lunch we walked around before driving home and headed to Blick {my favorite art store} and found these goodies.  Perfect for Sonja's second birthday, coming up in September!

And THAT was our weekend getaway.  Hope you enjoyed the photo dump.  I took over 200 photos, so these were just a few of the ones I wanted to share!

Happy Summer Getaways!

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