Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food Club no. 6 {Moira Sushi}

Last night, for our November Food Club meeting, we tried out Moira Sushi in downtown Phoenix.  None of us had been there before {which can be risky with sushi} but we were all impressed with our selections.  We had a small group this month, due to various scheduling issues {finals, holidays, etc...}.  So, we didn't try EVERYTHING on the menu but we did find a few favorites...

I love the low light and this glowing blue bar. 
The Menu.
Schezwan Garlic Edamame to start.
I love that these little Tiger Rolls look like scorpions {my power animal}
ALL our rolls, beautifully presented.
Gretchen, here, has never had Sushi.  This was her first time, and as someone who doesn't like fish, I think she found a few items that she enjoyed and would eat again!

The Review:
Favorite Appetizer: We got the Schezwan Garlic Edamame and we finished it in less than a minute.  It was so good!  Not too spicy, but with a slight kick.  The garlic topping was just the right crunchy complement to the sauce.  Just thinking about it makes me want more.

Favorite Entree: Sushi isn't exactly something you just get one type of, we each picked a roll that sounded good to us and then shared the whole table full.  My favorite roll was the Piña San and the Tiger roll was pretty great too {it came with the coconut shrimp on top}

Favorite Drink: I had water but on a non-pregnant visit I would have tried one of their wonderful Sakes.

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 9 We were really hungry which makes the food seem like it's taking a thousand times longer, but really it was probably a normal wait time.  And I would never want to rush a sushi chef, raw fish is an art and deserves attention!  Drinks were full and table was clean, not sure what else I could ask for, maybe free desert?

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$-$$$ we shared the $6 appetizer and each person's roll order was about $13 plus tip and gratuity we each tossed in about $20 bucks.  Not too bad for sushi, but more on the higher end of my $$ scale.

Mistakes {corrections?}: No mistakes.  I loved every last bite!

Reservations? I'm not sure.  Probably, it's not the largest restaurant and if you had a large group I would think they'd want to know about it.  If I was planning a larger group I would have called ahead.

Would we eat there again? Yes! in fact, I got home and told Husband we were going to go there for our next date night.

We're going to skip December with all the chaos of Christmas parties and New Year's, but I'm thinking a fancy brunch in January, so check back then!

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