Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why We Don't Do Santa Claus!

Every year, I have to explain myself.  So, this year I thought I'd do it here, where everyone can read it.  We don't like Santa.  It's not that he's a bad guy or parents who teach that Santa is real are bad people.  It's just we don't like lying to our daughter.

I want my daughter to know I love her, care for her, and provide for her.  I genuinely want her to be happy, and I want her to know I want her to be happy.  I want her to know that the things we provide for her are because we love her, and we always will make sure she has enough.  

I don't want any glorification to go to an old, fat, white, dude spying on my kids.  Those are the creeps I want her to avoid.  Not glamorize.

It just doesn't feel right to lie to her.  When she's older, and knows that {spoiler alert!} Santa isn't real, she will know that I wasn't always honest with her.  Why would I ruin our healthy relationship?  So, she can pretend that these gifts are from an imaginary character?  She can pretend 100 different, other healthy, things.  Santa just isn't one of them.  

My goal as a parent is honesty.  I don't want to keep things from her.  I don't want her to keep secrets from me.  I want to keep her safe.  I want to be able to talk with her and comit to things like "I never lie to you, so please don't lie to me."

I know many parents think that using Santa Claus is a sweet thing, that it is selfless.  The parent doesn't get "credit" for giving the gifts.  But, I don't think giving gifts is a healthy way to show affection.  And we don't do a lot of gifts for Christmas.  Mostly, that's because we don't really practice Christianity anymore.  But as a Christian, I never thought giving gifts was appropriate to do on Christmas.  I think that it sort of takes away from the whole Jesus thing and makes it a consumerist holiday. Things do not equal love.  Consumerism is destructive so in my opinion, holidays should revolve around love, food and family activities. Not an imaginary character.

Did you know that the white beard and red suit were created by Coca Cola's advertising agency?

Now, we celebrate Christmas by having a big sleepover and huge breakfast and a few gifts 
{for the sake of going with the norm.}.  
Rare Exports is our movie tradition of choice.  Highly recommended for those who like to mix a little Nordic violence and their winter holiday.

My goal is for all future Chirstmases is to be in other places, to travel and to experience the diverse cultures around the world.  Next year, it's Europe and maybe the next Thailand?  But for now, here, I hope my family and friends respect our wishes to keep Chirstmas a gift and Santa free holiday. Not to be confused with a negative or loveless holiday.  We just want to celebrate a beautiful winter day gifted to us by the universe, god, goddess, fate or any other higher power or being you and we believe in.

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