Monday, April 15, 2013

HIssyfit's Hullabaloo Review April 2013

If you've followed this blog for long you may have heard of my favorite local event: Hissyfit's Hullabaloo!  It's a craft event of sorts hosted by one of the trendiest KID'S consignment boutiques!  I love shopping at their store for Sonja and now Vera, but I love this event even more!

I'm all about upcycling and supporting local artist and small businesses.  There is a little of everything here...
My sister in law helped with Sonja, while we walked around.
I love Mystic Pieces, beautiful steampunk jewelry.  Husband bought me the prettiest bee necklace at their last event.
For the hungry folks, Hot Dogs by Mama D.
Party in Bloom had some adorable headbands we purchased for Emily's Wedding {Sonja is going to be a flower girl!}
Perfect in her wedding colors!
I LOVE these clutches and everything in this booth from bee bee baubles
This adorable cowboy onesie from Bella & Bruiser
Perfect towels for the paperless kitch! by Hustle Mama
I saw the perfect dessert stand at Hank & Bea but I already spent all my money :(
Grandma couldn't resist getting Sonja one of these bunnies on wheels from the Wood Butcher
My Sweet Addiction has the CUTEST handmade upcycled play kitchens.  Once Sonja saw them she wouldn't leave the booth... and since it had been on the toy list for a few months now, I finally splurged and got this one for her!
She LOVES it.
Here's that bunny from grandma:
My friend Michelle was there selling soaps and lotions and jewelry {Funk Off}
As you can see, I'm a big fan of their soaps and since she's only in Phoenix once and a while, I had to stock up! 
Hustle Mama had these traveling chalk boards, Grandma purchased for Sonja for our summer San Diego trip.
Those headbands we got for the wedding, one for Sonja and one for Vera.
Cutesy Swag is just that, CUTE accessories made from duct tape with a portion of the proceeds going to a no kill animal shelter!
While at Hissyfit's, we had to look around for the girls, My mom bought the top left dresses from b.belle {a booth at the event} and I picked out the other items from inside the store. 
Could that grapefruit dress scream summer any louder?! and this Ralph Lauren dress is perfect for our Winter European travels!
I also got Vera this Gap swimsuit and Fourth of July Romper.

And that's all the goodies we got and why we love this bi-annual event!

Check out all those vendors and find your kiddos some clothes and toys you can feel good about purchasing! Happy Local Shopping!

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