Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garden Update Fall 2013

After diligent watering night and day, we're finally starting to see some sproutlings!
I think these are the plants coming up, I documented where I planted everything via photographs and now I'm having a hard time finding the images.  I don't really label anymore, since my sticks become brittle so quickly here from the sun, instead I just document where the seeds go, although, once the plant is a bit bigger I can identify it without labels anyway.  
Here is my adorable baby basil plant(s)  I over planted because last time they didn't come in very well.  I'm going to be heartbroken when I have to murder most of these little plants, but that's gardening for you... Only the strongest, healthiest survive.

The best part about gardening isn't just the food we get to eat; it's the interaction between nature and my daughters.  They are both learning how much work goes into food.  They know we don't take more than we can eat.  Wastefulness is not an option.  It's a disgusting characteristic and we are grateful for everything we have.  For everything we consume something must be sacrificed, we don't take this relationship for granted, we are not disrespectful, we are not selfish.  We appreciate the sacrifices made for us, each day, everyday.  We are honored to take what was once a plant or animal and turn it into energy and live fully with that gift.  In this world nothing is created or destroyed, simply transformed.  

Happy Gardening,

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