Monday, August 19, 2013

NonSchooling Classroom Update no. 1

I shared some photos on my twitter and instagram of our new classroom and guest room and thought I should probably share them here as well, with a little more information and a little decor analysis for those of you also looking to set up a classroom in your own home.

Here's what we've got going on in our 10x10 guest room...
My istacollage.

 This chalkboard is an upcycled gift from a sweet friend, her church had a few they were going to toss {its not in NEW condition but still got a little life left in it}. It cost nothing to install! The globe pictured on this shelf was a regift from my father-in-law. It's got beautiful gems and minerals for the continents and countries.  Husband's work printed those letters for a textbook company and this was a sample.  I also added these bins {in grey} to the top shelf of this ikea bookself.  Since I had the bookshelf from another room I'm not counting the original $89 cost.  But the 4 bins did bring me to just over $52 investment for this section of our classroom. But that's what I get for buying new...

This corner of the room was almost all upcycled as well.  My sister in law gave us this dresser when she moved out.  Good condition and free, but I'm planning on splurging on some anthropologie knobs {one, two, three, four, or five}.  The mirror was upcycled from my father-in-laws house and the tea cups were from my collection now on proper display.  That vintage sewing machine {that probably doesn't work} was  $10 donation find at a church garage sale.  The drawers are reserved for guests although a few of them are filled with printer paper and classroom supplies.

Not pictured: desk also gifted from my sister in law and matching chair.

Not yet purchased: World Map to hang above said desk.

And that's our current classroom, I'm sure you'll see more of it as you follow along with our non-schooling process and as I complete more D.I.Y. Projects for the room.  Thanks for reading along!


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