Monday, October 14, 2013

Camping; October 2013 {photographs and traveling with toddlers & infants}

This past weekend we finally went camping! I've been wanting to go for a few months now, the weather is cooler and Vera is 7 months so I feel very comfortable traveling with her now.  With the government shutdown we knew we wouldn't be able to go to a national forest camp ground, but after doing some research husband found "disbursed camping" in national parks was an alternative. Basically, it's first come first serve and mostly just pull offs of the the side of the road within the forest.  Not sure if it's "legal" but from what we found online, the worst they could do is tell you to leave, but there aren't any park rangers so we thought it would be worth the risk.  And we weren't the only ones, we pasted at least 7 other groups of campers before finding a vacant spot.

We headed up to Prescott area Friday after Husband got home from work, we ended up getting to our site and starting to set up around 8pm.  Husband built the fire {with the help of a store bought burning log} and set up our new tent while I entertained the girls.  I was very impressed with how easy the tent set up, especially for it being the first time and in the dark!  Which is good because for the cost of this tent we could have booked a hotel, but since it was such a good investment, we shouldn't ever have to.
For dinner I brought egg and bean burritos I made earlier in the morning, wrapped in tin foil and let warm up while the tent was being set up.
Went to sleep to camp fire {we put it out} and stars, & woke up to this. 
It was really cold all night and the only way I was able to fall asleep was with these little heat packs you put in your shoes {we put them in between socks}, and that was with lots of layers of merino wool. We think it dropped to 36* f and somehow the girls seemed fine.  Vera slept in this, and Sonja had these and the matching top.
The view from inside the tent was wonderful, once the sun came up it was actually warm out!
Handsome Husband and a warm fire, what else could a girl ask for?
Heating up the pre-brewed coffee!
I made a variation of these granola bars for breakfast.
We enjoyed the views while we ate and got ready for the day.
The girls had a great time! {and thanks Shell for my breastfeeding beanie, get it? It looks like a boob!}
Once we were packed up we drove down to a nearby trail head and went for a hike, but not before documenting the amazing view! 
Minor obstacles didn't stop us from exploring.
Father Daughter moments melt my heart!
Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? The leaves are like velvet. 
Lesson from the hike; Can you eat acorns?
Fall leaves.
Also, what is this plant with the plastic looking fiber {above}?
Here a flower from that velvet lettuce looking plant, still don't know what it is?! 
I wanted to climb this tree but since I had a baby on my back Husband had the honors. 
I get going out to hunt or shoot, but please pick up your brass!
More Acorns, Sonja wanted to take but I made her leave them for the squirrels.
Anyone know what this adorable MINI pepper looking plant/weed is? edible? 
On our way out this little guy decided to say, "hi!"
And just in case you didn't believe all of this was in Arizona, here's a cactus to prove it {Prescott is high desert}

AND that was our camping trip.  Thanks for reading along, if you know the names of any of the plants please let me know in the comments! I'm ashamed I don't know more native plants for the surrounding areas.


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