Monday, October 7, 2013

Food Club no. 11 {Brat Haüs, Scottsdale}

This Month's Food Club was at Brat Haüs in Scottsdale.  It's actually one of our family's favorite Restaurants and you might have seen me mention it before on this blog {for Emily's rehearsal dinner} but some of our Food Club Ladies had never been there so we ALL enjoyed it this past week!
Here's a look at their Menu. 
Kentucky Mule {We've been all about the Bourbon in this house lately}
Brittany's Pumpkin Ale
Gina's Krombacher & Gretchen's Raspberry Limeade
Fundido Appetizer 
Side of Fries with HUSH HUSH sauce, oh so good!
Spicy Pepper Jack Brat
Haus Favorite Burger and Fries
Vegan Burger
Haus {no topping}
Brat Sliders 
Beet & Goat Cheese Salad with Wheat Berries 
The lovely ladies and myself

The Full Review:
Favorite Appetizer: Fundido! 2 pretzels and warm gooey cheese, perfect for sharing or eating one there and taking one home for tomorrow.  

Favorite Entree: Haus Brat is probably the best recommendation for someone's first time, but as a vegetarian I LOVE their beet salad and the vegan burger {with cheese} is pretty good too.  I know everyone ordered a variation of Brats and I've never heard someone complain about their food.  I don't think you could really go wrong with anything here. 

Favorite Drink: Everyone got beer, except Gretchen and I.  I had the Kentucky Mule {Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Lime, Fever Tree Ginger Beer} which was pretty good, although I think Gretchen's Raspberry Limeade {Hanger 1 Raspberry Vodka, Lime, Soda} is just a bit better.  And Obviously they're known for their beers, The Duchesee de Bourgogne is my favorite but right now they have a few pumpkin and fall brews which sounded pretty amazing as well.  

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 9; Our waiter {Mike, I believe} was great.  He got us waters right away while we waited for a few more people to join us.  He carded us, even though I'm 27, which you know is sort of sweet, as if I could even look that young if I tried.  He got our order and checked on us frequently {although I did run out of water} and split up the check without us even asking him to.  The only other "problem" was our pretzel came out with the meal so I didn't get to devour it while waiting for my salad, but I didn't specify I wanted it early so it could be my fault.  And it actually worked out better because I took most of it home and enjoyed it for a snack, yum bread and cheese!

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$ There were items in all price ranges.  The brats come with a topping but you have to order fries separately which can add up.  Their beers are a good price and the only things that get expensive are the specialty items, but who wouldn't pay $20 for baby back ribs, you know?

Mistakes {corrections?}: It would have been nice to get the pretzel with the meal, as a proper appetizer, but not really even an issue I would have brought up with the server.

Reservations? I know for large groups they'd like a warning, but it's an awesome patio area with plenty of seating so we've never needed reservations {expect for my sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner}

Would we eat there again? We {my family} literally eat there every other week, Husband was bummed we were going there for food club because it meant he couldn't go there with the girls for dinner.  It's that good!

Next Month? Postino!


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