Monday, September 30, 2013

Sonja's Third Birthday

Our little Cupcake turned three this week, her friends joined us at the park for an owl themed party.  Sadly, a few of our friends and family couldn't make it, so I'm sharing a few photos here for everyone to enjoy.

It was really bright, but surprisingly not that hot out!  
{above: thank you books for the kiddos and the #hashtag for instagram}
Owl details and a few facts about owls.
Husband took his sweet time showing up with ice, but I promise my guests were well hydrated.
My mom bought that tea towel, and I made the banner.
More table cloths from my mom, an owl mug from here, an owl cookie jar filled with trail mix from here, and caprese skewers with cupcake topper owls.
also on the menu; carrot, celery & cream cheese rolled sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly rolled sandwiches, pasta salad and veggies and hummus. 
Okay.  let me explain the limo.
For my sister in law's wedding we had a limo for the family so there would be a safe and classy way to get everyone home.  Sonja has been begging for a limo ride since the wedding and since no one is getting married or even hosting a major event anytime soon her Nonno rented this limo to pick up and drop off the birthday girl with her family.  She was so excited, I should have just gotten her this instead of the party!
Celebrating my birthing day with an ice cold glass of water.
Aunt Emily made these adorable owl cupcakes!
just a few of the guests.
I love that she's old enough for FRIENDS to come to her parties!
Vera keeping herself entertained.
A few of my favorite owls from the party.
cake from treehouse bakery {vegan}
Mouths full of cake!
More guests and a few gifts {even though I didn't want anyone to get her anything!}
Another one of her requested activities:
A pinata filled with CANDY! {owl pinata from Party City}
Actually, I filled it with chocolate, risky for a September birthday in Phoenix, but I bought tiny baskets for the kiddos and they were the only candy that would fit in them, so I FROZE them the night before, because you know, I'm the smartest.

And that was Sonja's third birthday party. Planning an owl party? I've got a whole inspiration board for you here. Next year? I'm thinking books!


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  1. Looked like a lot of fun! Love the owl picks!

    Love Aunt Joanne