Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Schnepf Farms {a trip to another pumpkin patch and some of my ramblings}

This past weekend my mom invited the girls and I to join her for a Grand/Mother/Daughter date to Schnepf Farms.  I'm not really into, "going to the farm," because with our garden, there is no mystery where our food comes from, and the farm sort of loses it's luster. It's just another place where people grow food.  BUT I didn't want to let her down, so I said we'd go.  We did have some fun, and here are the images from our adventure...
My sister is the best with my kiddos, can't you tell?!
The whole farm is adorable and rustic, my friends actually got married at Schnepf Farms 2 years ago {images from the wedding here, the second half of the post}
I love this giant covered area for concerts. 
We stopped and got some corn before heading out to see the rest of the farm.
another awesome covered area.
Much to my protest, my mom offered Sonja a pony ride {another animal rights rant: this is cruel and torture, I wish I could have explained to Sonja so she'd understand this poor pony doesn't want to be doing this, this is slavery.}
But alas I took a photo so she could remember the experience and NEVER ask to do it again.
The farm did have some beautiful red sunflowers {is that a thing? anyone know what these are called so I can plant them?!}
My helpful sister, wearing baby Vera.
After enjoying the view, we got in line for the last train ride of the evening before the Spooky Train Ride. 
Views from the train...
The Pumpkin Patch {I was actually kind of disappointed with how small the patch really was!}
Peach Trees; this peach festival UPICK sounds fun!
There was a whole ride area in the back of the farm, I didn't even know about! And while I probably would have had fun on the rides, we didn't have time to walk all the way back there to ride anything.
After the train ride we walked to the Pumpkin Patch.
 The pumpkins were $3-12+ but since we already have plenty growing in our garden I didn't get any.
But it was still fun to look. 
After the patch we walked over to get some food.
We decided on this veggie pizza {too bad the flash wasn't cooperating otherwise you might be able to see how delicious it was}
And then Sonja climbed this hay pyramid, before we drove home!

Not bad for a few hours of fun with Grandma. I wouldn't have paid to do this, since we already did the Desert Botanical Gardens Pumpkin Festival {included with our membership} but since it was my mom's treat, it was totally worth the hour drive out to the farm.  Sonja had a great time and is already asking to go back!

Hope your pumpkin season is just as fun as ours has been, can't believe Halloween is tomorrow.  Costumes will be posted as soon as they get home from Trick-or-Treating!

Check back soon!

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