Thursday, November 7, 2013

Garden Fall 2013 Update {November 2013}

I've shared a few images on my instagram {private for family only} and twitter of our garden and realized I hadn't shared much here.  This year I planted quite a bit of plants, from seed, in our garden, here's how they came in...
above: little seedlings and sprouts within a few weeks of being planted.
above: a collage of a few intagramed images.
{while my instagram is private for friends and family in real life, I share all my images without kiddos on twitter}
our pumpkins a few weeks after seedlings, but as you can see the heat of an Arizona August damaged the plant.  It's difficult growing pumpkins here.  While they grow well here, if you don't start early enough they won't be ready by Halloween or even Thanksgiving. And if you plant to early they'll get destroyed by the heat.  I found no later than August gets me a few carvable (Howden) pumpkins, and even more (sugar pumkins) for pies by Thanksgiving!
The basil came in so well!
Kale, I often used for smoothies.
This squash, I think is a fairy squash from seeds I saved.
Some of that fresh picked kale and basil.
and some tomato seeds DID survive and I found a few baby tomatoes!
One of the not yet ripe sugar pumpkins that I'll be making into pie this Thanksgiving.
a Howden, not quite ready for Halloween.
Pumpkins on Sticks {sold at Trader Joes} are actually an eggplant/tomato cousin and mine weren't ready for Halloween, but maybe it will be orange by thanksgiving!
Above: our Halloween pumpkins.

I've added a few new trees and more plants are producing fruit, so I'll have to do another post soon!
How's your garden going? any tips for desert gardens welcome!

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