Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to pack Mom & Baby for 21 days in ONE backpack {plus personal bagfor the flight}

I am a serious planner.  I hate waiting for anything, and the way I use that to my benefit is by planning.  I think of all the things that could go wrong {and how to fix them and prevent them}. I think about all the items I want to bring and which ones I can live without. I think about all the details of being a mom and how much I get away with and then weeks before I travel, I pack.  It's usually a test run, or more of a gathering of items, but in order to calm my nerves before the biggest trip of my mom life; I decided to pack my entire pack with everything before our trip to Europe three weeks early.  Now, everything I need is already gathered and packed. Nothing to forget or worry about.  The only things I still need to gather are my travel clothes for the flight and my carry on bag which will have most of the things too impractical to pack this early like my tooth brush, more diapers, electronics and more snacks.  However, everything pictured above has successfully been packed into this 65 liter pack.  Want to know how I did it?

Here's how...

I started by rolling Vera's bulky baby outfits into the hood of themselves and set aside for packing. 
Then I put all the diapers I got on sale in the bottom of my pack. I would have just bought them there but these were practically free so I decided to bring them  
Once the diapers were packed I moved on to all my clothes by putting outfits into zip lock baggies. I put all my little items like underwear and socks into one bag and Vera's daily outfits into their own bags. 
I squeezed out all the air and the baggies can be reused later to seperate dirty clothes. 

Gathered all my toiletries for the top of my pack.
Above: one of Vera's daily outfits 
And I had a whole pocket for the snacks. Justin's Almond Butter, Kind Bars and GoGo Squeez applesuaces for the girls.
After I got all of mine and Vera's clothes in the pack I topped it off with her two bulky coats (I will be wearing my bulkiest jackets on the flight)
And that's everything all crammed into this 65 liter pack!
I also packed a carry on with journals, diapers, wipes, more snacks and electronics. 

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  1. I don't know how you did it...but then I just SAW that you did! Happy travels and Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh that first comment is from me - Aunt Joanne!

  3. I gotta admit this is pretty cool. When I travel, I also use a backpack like this. It's just so much easier. I hate having to drag the luggage with wheels, so I pretty to carry it like this. Great post!