Saturday, January 25, 2014

Geneva, Switzerland {How we kept busy in the tiny city}

Geneva, Switzerland our third stop on our European Vacation.
Our hotel was steps away from the train station and this was the view from our window.  Nothing too amazing from looks of it, but we were excited to see what the small city had to offer.  Geneva is a financial capital and one of the most expensive places I've ever been to.  We originally planned to go to Geneva because my sister and I wanted to get tattooed by someone who lived there, unfortunately she moved after we planned this trip but we decided to go anyway.  Here's how we spend our day an a half in Geneva...
We ended up getting an evening start exploring the city. A day of trains and naps set us back, but we walked around to find dinner and found a few interesting things while out.  We walked from our hotel to the Old Town area, everything in Europe sparkles with lights in December and early January {above}
We could see this church lit up from across the city so we started walking toward it.  It turned out to be St. Peter's Cathedral.
Tressa had some heart gummies which we all enjoyed in the moonlight.
Everyone enjoyed the window displays, especially for this antique shop. 
Continuing on we found this courtyard with a few restaurants and a really cool brick walkway.
Each of those lit up bricks says a simple phrase in another language
We also found some ice cream!  As a Phoenix native it's hard to image eating ice cream any other way, besides, melting.  But I have to admit, I kind of like it in the cold.
Sweet Sonja enjoyed all the elaborate window displays, we even found this robot moose {or maybe it was a deer} and this train full of jewels.
As beautiful and fancy as these boutiques were, they were all closed by 5 pm.  I think all these pictures were taken around 7pm and everywhere seemed deserted.  We were the only ones walking around in the evening.
Couldn't help but sneak a peak of this fancy hotel lobby.  I'd stay there.

The next morning after our breakfast {included with our room!}...
...we walked around again and found the flower clock!
Wayne and Gretchen.
And Sonja wanted to take my photo, girl has photography skills, don't you think?
Then, we walked through a nearby park {the English Garden}
Found this carved tree from a hundred year old tree.
and from the English Garden you can see the Jet d'Eau, which is apparently the largest fountain in the world.
Naturally, we decided to walk over to it.
We walked along the harbor and marina to the fountain.
and I even found {the cleanest} graffiti {ever}.
Sonja was excited to walk past these swans on the way to the fountain.
I was excited to recreate {with some changes} a post card we found at a local gift shop.
the view from the fountain.
The view of the fountain.
Walking back towards Old Town for lunch.
After lunch we headed back our hotel room for a nap, we found a small brewery and pizzeria for dinner then decided to party in the hotel room since everywhere else was closed or too expensive.
Honestly, Geneva was a nice place to stop for the day, but I wouldn't want to be there much longer than that.  We didn't find much to do, and with everything closing so early in the evening, besides expensive restaurants, there really wasn't much to do.  I'd rather be in a dirty but lively city any day, Barcelona, here we come {or came I should say}

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