Thursday, January 23, 2014

What I Packed {a list of my personal items}

When traveling anywhere, it's important to bring the essentials.  These change from person to person, but they are what keeps us comfortable.  They keeps us clean.  They are all the things we can't live without.  They are the things we pack.

And this is what I packed...
Tooth Brush {we use: Terradent toothbrushes because they're low waste}.  I don't think I need to explain why to pack your tooth brush, but if you're printing this list out to remind yourself what to pack, I don't want to leave it out.
Toothpaste {Travel Size} - It is so helpful to have extra space wherever I can find it.  So I packed a smaller toothpaste tube to cut back on space, which was two part.  1. I was using less room and everything fit better 2. By the time the trip was over so was the toothpaste so I didn't have to bring it back with me.
Floss - I floss every night.  It grosses me out to think about everything I ate all day, just sitting there, in between my teeth.  I have horrible teeth thanks to my British lineage, and I refuse to contribute to poor dental hygiene by not flossing.  If you don't floss, I highly suggest you start.  Seriously.
Q-tips and cotton balls - I suggest bringing a good stash of these if traveling with kids, it's helpful for general cleanliness.
Eyeliner and Mascara - The only two make up items I use.  I suggest bringing the least amount of make up you can get away with because it's just wasted space if you don't need it.  When carrying around a backpack, bag and baby you realize what you can cut out.
Face Wash and Cleanser - I brought Dr. Bronner's in a mini travel size bottle because it can be used for anything, but Nature's Gate makes a great Cleansing Gel {you'd have to put into 2 oz bottle} or bar that would also be fine for traveling.  You could also just use the hotel soap, but I don't always trust the ingredients of random soaps or how they will affect my skin.
Wilma Schumann Astringent Pads - I am so glad I brought these along.  It took a little extra work to make sure the screw on lid didn't leak {I put it in it's own ziplock baggie} but these pads kept my skin so fresh.  Even if I would forget or was too rushed to wash my face with soap the astringent pads pulled off all the oil and dirt and left my pores clear and refreshed.  Normally, when I've used pads like this in the past they have burned my skin, but the ingredients like Glycolic Acid paired Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, tingled but then soothed my skin {and I trust the ingredients since they're paraben free}
Nature's Gate Oil Free Moisturizer - So normally, I'm not so great with the whole daily regimen, but I promised myself I'd make an effort since we were traveling and I had the time to actually get ready everyday {since Husband was there to help get the kids ready} and I tried this Oil Free Moisturizer from Nature's Gate.  I've been having wonky skin since giving birth and I knew the cold air would wreck my skin so I used this to help offset the damage.  It's oil free, so I didn't get all greasy and Lentil Seed extract helps limit shininess and minimizes pores while the Lemon Verbena refreshes and tones.  It worked so well, Husband ended up stealing it from me half way through the trip and using it himself, so there's that. The other great thing about this moisturizer is not only what's in it, but more importantly what's not, it's free of Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrance, PEG, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Animal Derived Ingredients.  
Apple Cider Vinegar - This was worth checking a small bag or box for {shorter trips you could pour it into 2oz amber viles for carry on}, I can not live without it.  I mean that.  I need it for health reasons.  It keeps me alive and well and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find it in Europe, so I brought it.  I drink an ounce every night mixed with water.  This 16 oz bottle was just enough {exactly!} to get me through the 21 day trip.  If you are prone to any illness that can be alleviated though a healthier 'gut' I suggest you try this, and if it works for you, do not leave home without it.  One of the reasons I know I had a good time, was because of how healthy I felt on the trip, even with onsets of a cold and travel tummy, I felt good and I know it's because I was caring for my body.
Thieves Oil - It's my general weapon against germs and illnesses.  I add a few drops to the bottom of our feet whenever we start showing signs of getting sick and it was really helpful to have once Vera got a fever in Prague and I knew we'd all get hit with something if I didn't take action.
Tea Tree Oil - Helpful to have if a blemish or two appear.
Deodorant - Because smelling sweaty isn't attractive and walking everywhere doesn't do you any favors.
Brush - How else are you going to get all those tangles out?
Hair Tie - How else would I hide the fact I didn't get all those tangles out.

I DIDN'T pack...
A blow dryer - They have those in the hotels waiting for you.
shampoo -  They have that at most hotels too, although it's not always the best, so if you're picky, it might be worth the space, but for a big trip like this you'd end up checking a bag to get the legal amount allowed on a plane. It wasn't worth it for me.

I SHOULD have packed...
Conditioner - My hair is so picky about conditioner, I was trying to save space so I didn't bring any, but the tangles were awful and I kept destroying my hair when I'd try and brush it after showering.  I won't trust hotels to provide conditioner ever again.  I think our only hotel to provide conditioner was the Hilton in Prague.
Multi Vitamin -  I thought I did but I didn't and I got so many bruises from bumping into everything while carrying all the bags.  This is an essential, especially for a breastfeeding mom.

I hope this list helps you when traveling and packing.  If you have any other suggestions for items I should bring while traveling I'd love to hear about them!

This post sponsored by Wilma Schumann and Nature's Gate Products, but everything ever written on this blog is my personal opinion.  I'd never say something untrue or unethical.  Promise.

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