Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Heidelberg, Germany {photographs and how we spent the day}

Our second city was Heidelberg in Germany.  We didn't stay the night here, although it would have been nice to.  We decided to use our Eurail passes to take a day trip to Heidelberg because it was close enough for the girls for a quick trip and because we didn't want to stay the night, we thought it would be fun but not too far.  Here's how we spent the day...
Because we are over 26 we had to purchase First Class Eurail Global passes, this allowed/required us to travel in first class, it was about a 45 minute train ride.  Since the kids were free they didn't get seats which was both a blessing and a curse.  We didn't have to pay for them, but we did have to hold them on our laps when the trains were crowded.
Once we arrived in Heidelberg we went to the Castle {Schloss Heidelberg}
We took a bus to the castle and walked up the path instead of paying for the "shuttle" to the top.  It was 12€ per person to get to the castle, and free to walk.  Once we were at the castle we could see the exterior but in order to see the interior we had to pay.  Which was worth it!
Walking up to the castle.
This is still the view from the public and free section of the castle wall.
Brittany and Tressa at the entrance of the castle.
Once we paid, we were able to walk up to this front courtyard where Sonja once again was able to use the new umbrella, and we could look out onto the city.
Exterior views of the castle.
One of the few family photos {Vera is hiding on Husband's back}
This was inside the castle courtyard.

So thankful for cameras with self-timers.
the Westward view from the center of the castle courtyard.
This view was from the north bridge out of the castle.
I'm curious what is missing from the plaque on this tower.
Could you imagine if these accidentally closed while walking underneath them?!
This giant keg!
Cigarette Machines are still a thing.
After the Castle we walked down towards the bus stop and found another Christmas Market.
Heidelberg's Christmas Market.
Instagraming our food! Notice the actual bowls and spoons that we used?  Again, with a small deposit, we enjoyed all our street food without any waste.  I love this method!
This girl loves her soup!  The Germans know how to make potato soup, and it was Vegetarisches! 
Sonja's favorite part of the whole trip might have been this carousal we found at a second market after lunch. 
After the second market we walked down towards the water to explore the bridges.
The homes along the river were so quaint I could have stayed there for weeks!
We walked onto the bridge...
and found some locks, inspired by the locks of love bridge in Paris, I assume.
My sister {Brittany} and her friends {Tressa & Kyle} on the bridge.
And another family photo! I guess there were more than I thought!
and this was us on the ride home.

Our next city is PARIS! I'll be splitting that up into two posts, part I and part II; Christmas Day. Have you been to Heidelberg? or Paris? did I leave something out? share in the comments!

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