Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paris {Part I}

This is what I looked like traveling from one city to another, Vera on my front and pack on my back.  We arrived in Paris late on December 23, due to a delay in Frankfurt {they boarded the train, then after about 20 minutes told everyone to get off IN GERMAN, thanks to that guy who told us what was going on! then, had us sit in the COLD for over an hour while we waited for another train #foreshadowing}  ANYWAY, once we were in Paris, nothing else really mattered, we got dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant and then work up to this view:
Paris was wet and cold.  But I loved it anyway.
After grabbing a bite to eat at a local cafe we walked into a nearby park {Jardin de Plantes}.  We were going to go to Luxembourg Gardens but ended up just going to this park instead, because we were in a hurry and I promised the girls a walk in the park.
The leaves were freshly fallen, just like at home.
We walked up a labyrinth to this gazebo and looked out into the park.
Sadly, since it was so rainy, my lens kept getting wet and foggy, hence the frequently blurry images.
Notre Dame was our next stop and meeting point with the rest of our family.
It was so windy, that their Christmas tree had been knocked over!
Every saint pictured on the facade has imagery and symbolism to represent his or her saint hood including how s/he died.
We lit a candle for my mother who is still very much a practicing Catholic, she attends mass weekly.
Inside you can see the iconic stained glass, just take a moment and remember all of this was done in the 1200s! {before computers, in case you forgot}  I can't imagine the minds of the architects, how they could create such an amazing structure.
After Notre Dame, we walked along the Seine River and explored the city on our way to Musee D'orsay
There are only a few of this Art Nuevo Metro entrances left in Paris, modeled after nature, do you see the bug eyes? 
Stumbling upon monuments and such.
Sipping Espresso, give us all the caffeine!
Our friend Kyle noticed this art store {Charvin}, and I went in with him, everything was so expensive and bulky I was only able to walk away with a tube of noir acrylic paint and a new calligraphy pen.
Gaylen, Gretchen and the happiest girl in the world.
Across from the University of Paris we stumbled upon the Locks of Love Bridge
Thankfully, a young man was selling locks on the bridge so we could add to the wall.
I love that some of these were ENGRAVED!
Here's ours, with sharpie.
Of course, we let Sonja toss in our keys.
Walking along the Seine you can see a better view of the locks on the bridge.
We also found some graffiti along the river.
And I made them pose for photo.
On the steps back up to the street and finally to Musée d'Orsay
This line was insain! But one of the guards approached us and pulled us into the member's line so our kids wouldn't have to wait in the cold.
Inside there was no photography allowed but I snuck this one, a favorite of mine by Vincent Van Gogh
Sonja was exhausted from all that walking, and I offered the carrier to Husband but he preferred to hold her {if you're traveling without help, you *might* want a stroller, specifically for moments like this}
d'Orsay used to be a train station so you can see from the inside, how ornate it was in it's former life.
I would love to have a bed like this! I made sure to explore the Art Nuevo wing before their early closing time.

After d'Orsay we walked the streets in search of any restaurant open on Christmas Eve.  I led us to the Eiffel Tower in hopes the cafes near the most touristy attractions would be open and we found this little cafe with the best veggie lasagna, and I can I just say how much I appreciate Parisian food and their love of salads, it was hard to find fresh produce in Europe, every meal had bread and I was so grateful for the food in Paris!
We had the best view from our window in the restaurant.
The Eiffel Tower Sparkles every hour for about 10 minutes and there is nothing prettier in Paris than that.
After dinner we walked over to it just to see it at night.
and for Husband to take a photo.
Across the street from the tower is a carousal, which of course Sonja rode.  It was a LONG day and we all fell fast asleep!  

I'll share Christmas in Paris next time, so check back for more of our trip, and thanks for following along so far!

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  1. Love them all! Especially Sonja zonked out on Daddy's shoulder. awwwwwwwwww....brings back precious memories!

    Aunt Joanne