Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Food Club no. 13 {Joyride on Central}

This month we went to Joyride Tacos, a new location on Central Avenue.

Getting those drink orders in!
and taking a look at the menu {like we didn't already look online}
Complementary Chips and Salsa {which we may have eaten a little too quickly}!
Gretchen's Pineapple Mojito
My Blood Orange Margarita
Cheese y Mas appetizer.
Brittany, Myself and Emily.
Macey, Gretchen and Gaylen
The Denim Trio {Tammy, Britt and Me}
This is the Beast {carne asada} Burrito.
Fish Tacos.
Chicken Enchilladas.
Pork Torta.
Vegetable Tacos.
Chicken ONLY tacos {even bitches can be picky eaters}
Street Corn
Single fish taco.
A beef, fish and vegetable taco trio.
and the bean side dish to go with the three tacos above.
Tammy's Garden Variety Burrito.
My two veggie and one fish taco, side of rice in the background.
The Beast modified for Macey.
Full Happy Biotches.
THIS. Mo's Definitly hit the spot.
Can I also mention how much we love restaurants with patios?  We finished dessert and still didn't want to leave.
Such a great way to spend the evening.  I love these ladies! 

The Full Review {their menu here}:
Favorite Appetizer: The Cheese y mas was amazing and the taste improved as the cheese cooled off.  A few of us also ordered the Street Corn as a side dish {but technically it's an appetizer}.  We love street corn, it's corn on the cob with cojito cheese and seasonings like paprika with lime on top, and Joyride's was great {but I think I like Gallo Blanco's just a bit more- I think it might have more lime or seasoning}.

Favorite Entree: A few ladies ordered the Beast {carne asada} Burrito and raved about it, so you're probably safe either way.  The Pork Torta could have been better with more meat and marinated a little bit longer.  But I think the street tacos won out for favorite entree.  Joyride has a buy 3 tacos get a side dish for free which is great because the sides are about $3-4 each and the tacos are on the smaller side {they're full, but street tacos}.  I ordered 3 tacos {2 veggie, 1 ahi} and got the joyride ride. I was full after one taco but I also filled up on their complementary chips and salsa and had the street corn.

Favorite Drink: I was debating between the Blood Orange Margarita and the Almond Horchata, and in the end I decided on the Blood Orange Margarita and I was not disappointed.  I think the horchata was good {Anna ordered it} but the margarita was so sweet.  I'd probably order a traditional Margarita next time though, I do love me some salt y tequila. 

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 8.5 We called the day before for our group of 13 and then called the day of to add a seat or two and they weren't happy about the possibility of 14-16 people.  When we arrived the table wasn't quite ready and was set for 14 {which turned out to be the perfect amount}.  We waited on their patio lounge and ordered drinks, the table was full with water and chips and salsa when we sat which was awesome, because we were all so hungry.  We had a few servers start us off with drinks and appetizers.  There were plenty of people checking on us and my water glass was never empty.

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$ Tacos were $3-5 each but you'll probably want at least two and the street corn was $5.  The point is you could spend as little as $5 if you were meeting friends and ordered just one thing, or spend closer to $30 like me if you get a full meal and drinks.

Mistakes {corrections?}: Our drinks came quickly, except for Emily's, she ordered a pineapple agua fresca and they brought two strawberry agua frescas before bringing her TWO pineapple ones, they did void that second pineapple charge, but I wish we could have drank the strawberry ones, we hate seeing perfectly good food end up in the trash.  The food came in waves a bit disoriented but everyone eventually got their food.  The street corn and Macey's modified Beast Burrito took the longest so they comp.ed those.  I think they did a good job with a large group and adequately fixed their mistakes.

Reservations? We were able to make reservations because we had such a large group.  Otherwise, their wait for parties of 2-4 can be anywhere from 20-40 minutes on a weeknight.

Would we eat there again? I think so, my husband doesn't really respect gringo Mexican food but I appreciate the drink menu and I thought everything tasted really crisp and fresh.  Definitely somewhere the Ladies and I would eat at again, even if only for another ladies night.

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