Monday, February 17, 2014

Prague {or Praha, what our family did for food, fun and how we got there}

I think the worst part of the whole trip was the anxiety on taking a bus to Prague.  We had to change from a train to a bus in Munich and WALK from the train station to the bus station.  And we only had about 30 minutes to get there, with two kids. and thanks to our maps ap on our phones, we DID IT!
and the bus itself wasn't a bad drive at all.  Sonja actually really enjoyed it.

Once we were in Prague we had to figure out how to get to our hotel.  We looked up the metro system and found the stop nearby but we had to buy tickets.  We went into the newpaper stand in the train station once we got there, and there was a guy waving and talking to Sonja, which of course stressed me out. But people are friendly you know? Anyway, he reached down to poke her or something but it was like he was reaching towards the bags Husband sat on the floor, so I kicked him.  Or tried to, he moved and I kicked Husband in the leg.  BUT after that panic attack, we had our tickets and we headed towards our hotel.  We got off the metro and walked to our hotel, unfortunately we had some misunderstanding and walked past it, after much frustration we finally made it to our room!
We stayed at a Hilton and it was the nicest hotel from the whole trip.  After a good night's sleep, we started the day sight seeing around the city.
Prague is a big city but since it's so old, almost everything sight seeing wise is walking distance.
Details of the tower.
The building which houses the Prague Clock. and the winter market still in full swing until the 6th of January. 
This sparking tree in the middle of the market.
St. Nicholas Church in Old Town, the church was completed in 1735.
Because Prague is such an old city it has the most diverse architectural movements among major cities.
Looking up at the clock tower from the side.
I of course was already hungry from walking AND so was Sonja, so we got pasta and coffee.
The last of the winter markets.
St. Nicholas Church through the trees of the square park.
A tired Sonja tried to sleep on her daddy, but we continued walking...
We'd only been out for a few hours but we were so far east in the time zone that the sun started setting around 3:30pm. I believe this was an Opera House.
Just a few steps from the opera house is the river Vltava.
Sonja enjoying the bridge.
from one of the bridges, we could see the Prague Castle, the largest castle in the world.
Couldn't resist snapping a photo of these tourists.
Such a beautiful, cold, dark, wet city.
Through every winding street we could see glimpses of the past.
Gift shops on gift shops, all bright and cheap looking, full of souvenirs.
the view from walking back on one of the bridges to the hotel.
Prague at night.
the Castle from St. Charles bridge
Walking back to the hotel we spotted these treats; Trdelník; and I stocked up on some snacks for the room.
We loved the metro decor, the metros themselves might have been the cleanest we saw.
The next morning the sun was up and so were we!
These signs for the Communism Museum were great, I'm kind of disappointed we missed it.
We decided to take the leisurely route to the Castle.
We found this little park on the way.
Wayne and Gretchen joined us on the adventure to the castle.
in the possible park, there were peacocks roaming.
Also we don't know what this little building was but it was worth documenting.
I loved these tiny flower details from the day as well.
Odd souvenirs and tourist attractions all on the way to the castle.
Also let's appreciate these black and white sidewalks
More buildings on the way to the Castle.
on the stairs to the Castle.
We made it! and just in time for the changing of the guards.
And once inside we could see St. Vitus Cathedral!
Bethlehems made of Bread, Breadlehems if you will.
Views from the palace courtyards.
St. Vitus from the back.
Wanted to document these honeycomb windows.  Must find!
Oh and you know, just someone's bones. In a chest. in a church. in Prague.
And around the back another family photo.
Once we done with the castle we found some street food and of course had to get Sonja her corn.
and Gretchen got this Potato Tornado.
And speaking of food, after our nap at the hotel we headed to Clear Head {or Lehka Hlava in Czech} a Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant.
It was probably one of the best restaurants from the trip and the cheapest too!
The first place since Germany to have vegetable juice! 
Sonja tried to drink it all but I got some too {carrots, ginger and more}
the best salad in Europe, walnuts and goat cheese {although, the cranberries could have been a little more natural, but that's hard to find even here}
Husband's beet burger.
Gretchen's skewers.
Wayne's Soup.

Not a bad way to end a 3 week trip across Europe! I've still got more to share about our hotels and experiences, along with our Return Home Story.  Thanks for following along.

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