Monday, April 7, 2014

Non-Schooling Play Date {France}

This month, our non-schooling play group met up to "travel" to France.
Normally, our family makes quiche from scratch but for the sake of finger foods and kiddos I opted for the Whole Foods freezer version {baked in the toaster oven before the meet up} 
Another mama brought brie with apples and crackers. 
And you can't go to France without enjoying some Macarons {2 boxes from Trader Joes, less thank$10}
Showing the kiddos where France is on a map, and look at this little French Bebe with her Eiffel Tower shirt!
We discussed some French artworks 
And the Eiffel Tower

Then, we had a surprise guest, Uncle Wayne, show up and read the kids a French book to the kids {he learned French before our recent Eurocation}. 
We had the kids create a masterpiece inspired by the artworks we looked at.
Look at these beautiful works of art!

Another successful Non-Schooling Meetup! 

**Non-Schooling.  Because I'm not Schoooling my children, I'm Educating them.**

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