Friday, April 11, 2014

Moira Ink Calligraphy Workshop {no. 2 Scottsdale, AZ}

Last night I attended my second Moira Ink Calligraphy Workshop.  I have to say, while the new challenges of the materials might have been frustrating it was relaxing to focus on my creative skills without kids climbing on me.  I wanted to share a few photos and a bit of what we learned...
The best part of these workshops is that we get to keep the supplies!  A few of those nibs and a pen are from the last workshop but we got guasch and gold metallic ink along with 3 new nibs and an oblique calligraphy pen.
Jenny was a wonderful teacher as always with her calligraphy demonstrations and explanations of various techniques and fonts.
We were all excited to start creating!
Our first assignment was to create our own guasch "ink" by mixing the guasch with just the right amount of water to make it flow on our pens.
It took a few tries, but eventually I got the right consistency. Which then led me to the more challenging assignment; using the oblique pen.  The pen is so different than what I have been using, it took almost the whole night to finally "get it" and even still I need lots of practice, but that's what I love about these workshops.  There's time designated just for calligraphy and with other like minded people you can really become inspired by the penmanship of others.
Once I started to warm up, I decided to start on a few quotes suggested by friends, this one by my friend Brad, his favorite band, Lucero; "There's no finer mess to be found." Pretty much summed up my night's efforts.

If you're in the Phoenix or Portland areas, keep an eye out, Moira Ink's workshops are definitely worth attending.  You can also follow along with the Design House of Moira Blog if you need more calligraphy inspiration or find Jenny on instagram.

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