Monday, April 14, 2014

Denver 2014 {a photo recap of our recent trip}

This past weekend we visited my best friend in Denver, here are a few of our favorite places from our weekend getaway.
Saturday morning started with a quick walk to brunch on Broadway.
Our first stop was Beatrice & Woodsley where Aunt Alex had made reservations. She's the best like that. 
Sonjita has been playing hard to get for the camera, no smiles given.
The decor in this place was so southern and chic.
I got the Eggs Johnny Fever but they had such a great brunch menu it was hard to decide.
And of course I snuck my camera into the bathroom because I heard it so well designed. 
This adorable refurbished furniture store looked like a fun place to shop if I could ship anything back.
We walked around historic Baker district to admire all the homes.
And for Sonja to gather nature. 
I can't get enough of the scalloped porches.
Sonja found the funnest yard. 
and here's a historic school turned into homes.  After our tour we ventured out with the kiddos.
We spent the afternoon at the Denver Art Museum
Plastic bag in a tree, not technically art but I thought it was symbolic enough to document.
They had great activities for kids here.
a drawing room with various activities, which was great for us, sadly it was also the last day of the exhibit.
I added a quick doodle top fourth from the left.
Love these little foxes.
and the Hamilton Wing {I think} which jumps out of the street. 
And of course I appreciate the upcycled shirts turned sculpture above. 
A piece by one of my favorite African Artists El Anatsui  
and an interactive piece in his style.
My contribution.
On our drive to Watercourse for a quick snack we saw this little fairy door in this tree {I heard there was a music box inside} 
We took the girls for an evening play in Wash. Park 
Of course I had to document this broken toy.
And Alex drove us around for mini tour of these beautiful wood roofs, in the surrounding neighborhood. 
After our tour we headed to Alex's
And then we had dinner. 
This beautiful new table custom made with reclaimed wood, was properly introduced with a meat and cheese sampling including gourmet olives and breads. 

On Sunday, we met our friends from Switzerland who just happened to be in Denver and only realized it once she saw my instagram post. 
We met for coffee at Wash Perk cafe which was great, until Sonja got sick everywhere.  I do have to say I should get mom credit for rushing her to the bathroom before it got anywhere.
We also enjoyed dinner from the Thai Monkey Club (but we ate everything to quickly to document)
And after a relaxing afternoon indoors watching the snow fall we ventured out before heading to the airport.
We decided to stop by Humble Pie Store before heading to the airport to enjoy some warm pie and espresso in the snow.
Sonja split a slice of coconut cream with her Aunt Alex
While I got a slice of Salted Caramel Apple pie and Husband got Espresso Chocolate 
Love this mini blue espresso mugs 
Daddy showed Sonja a new trick if you let the snow land in your hand it melts.  Mind blowing for a three year old. 
It was so beautiful to see the juxtaposition of spring and snow in the city.  I had to document every flower covered in snow.
And Husband snuck this shot in honor of his brother and the girls' Uncle WAYNE.
Thanks again Alex for hosting us in your adorable city.  We can't wait to visit again soon!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I especially love the little outdoor dinosaur garden!
    Aunt Joanne

  2. Jenn I really enjoyed this post! I haven't ever taken enough time while in Denver and I'll definitely be bookmarking some of these spots for a future trip. :)