Wednesday, May 28, 2014

D.I.Y. Ball Jar Lids holes for straws {how to drill and insert grommet}

I sort of feel like I should keep this secret so you all have to go to my etsy shoppe and buy ALL THE JARS from me, but I'm all about sharing knowledge.  So, instead I'll show you how to make these jars with lids and you can thank me by following along on this blog {or facebook or instagram} for when I post other tutorials and projects.

To start I screw the lid onto a catching jar to collect all the scraps from the drilling process.
make sure lid is screwed on tight so it doesn't jump and slice your fingers right on up. no good.
Then using a 3/8 drill bit TURN THE DRILL ON then push into the lid. Careful not to poke the side of the jar.
KEEP DRILL SPINNING as you pull out, you never want to stop or start a drill while in contact with whatever you're drilling.
above: first hole.
Now switch to this step drill bit, {I use 2 drills to speed up the process and I drill all my first holes then my second if I have another person to help me we each take a drill}
I drill until 1/2 which is the size for my grommets.
This bit allows for large holes without shredding and tearing jagged edges off the hole.
Clean from the top but rough on the back.
So my dad has been helping by using the grinding stone on his dremel tool.
It helps to flatten the edges down a bit and reduces any remaining jagged edges.
Then just pop in your grommets {I get my assorted colors from here} and you're done.

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