Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Food Club no. 16 {Barrio Queen. May 2014}

For Food Club this month {May 2014} we decided to try Barrio Queen in Old Town Scottsdale.  After a pretty eventful afternoon {our neighbors house caught on fire!}, Brittany and I ended up getting there a bit late.  It was totally worth rushing though, because the food was delish!  Here's a recap of the night...

First things first! Since it was a Tuesday, they had $3 house margaritas ALL DAY and $2.50 tacos. {pictured above: Paloma Margarita not $3}
This complementary bean dip was already on the table when I arrived, granted there weren't many chips, I did get a bite and it was very filling.
While waiting for our drinks we enjoyed some gossip.
and of course #drunkgretch tried to photobomb the photo of Tammy and me {you guys my margarita was so good I didn't want to put it down for a photo}.
Barrio Papas with corn, butter, mayo, cojito, valentina™, cilantro and lime. 
Vasito de Elote - Fresh grilled corn cut from the cob served in a cup, topped with butter, mayo, cotija cheese, Valentina hot sauce, cilantro, and lime. Next time I'll skip the Elote and opt for the above papas with Elote topping.
Barrio Papas
After a while our food arrived...
California Enchiladas - Hand pressed corn tortillas in our five chile red sauce and filled with quesillo cheese, aged cotija cheese, diced onion, crema fresca, cilantro and black olives
Nopalitos Taco - tender cactus serrano pepper, onion and tomato sautee topped with queso fresco on the left and on the right the Rellano which was a bit more spicy than expected.  In fact, several of our food club members "burnt their faces off" just after one bite, it was so spicy Cameron couldn't finish it, sharing it with at least two other spicy food lovers.
Arizona Burrito -  pork green chile burrito served enchilada style topped with melted quesillo cheese, crema fresca, red onion, and cilantro
Suadero Azteca - Slow cooked brisket topped with diced onions and cilantro with queso fresco.
I ordered the Nopalitos y Huevo - tender cactus, serrano pepper, onion and tomato sautee topped with queso fresco and a fried egg.

My sister also ordered the Nopalitos y Huevo Taco {above}
And we couldn't skip dessert!
Cameron ordered the Choco Flan - half dense custard, half chocolate cake, topped with Mexican chocolate sauce, vanilla Kahlua sauce, and pecans.  I'm not a huge Flan fan, infact I hate it.  It mocks creme brulee and it jiggles.  BUT, this Choco flan was actually pretty good and the chocolate aspect of it was really more of a brownie so I ate a bite, and enjoyed it.
However, for my own dessert, I opted for a churro and I don't regret a thing.  The crispy cinnamon sugar couldn't have been better, well it could have but they already topped it with caramel sauce, so there was no room for improvement.  

And we started an instagram for the club, so you can follow along and once a month be flooded with images of delicious food in the Phoenix area.

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