Monday, June 9, 2014

Peach Infused Bourbon "Recipe"

It's Monday, and if you want a weekend treat this weekend I suggest you make this tonight, so you can enjoy it Friday.  One of the many perks of having a brother in law who writes for various publications is his inside scoops.  For instance when he interviewed a local drink specialist for a prominent Phoenix restaurant or restaurants and learned of this sweet trick.  After him making it for the last year, I finally tried it myself...
We had some peaches that weren't going to last much longer so I asked hubs to grill them up after coating them in honey.
He grilled them on each side for about 3-5 minutes, just long enough to heat them and release the sugars.
Then I put 3 halves in the large jar and 1 half in the smaller, added as much bourbon as I could and sealed them up.  They're sitting in my fridge now for THREE days.  They need time to infuse into the alcohol to really absorb that peach flavor.
My husband enjoys it neat but I like to add a bit of lemonade or mixer of some kind, even though the peach adds a delicious and sweet flavor it's still a bit strong straight up for me.  And definitely do not try to eat the peaches after, they're too full of alcohol to really taste good.  Although, I *might* try blending them up with vanilla ice cream for a peach shake.  So get creative and let me know how it goes.
And that's how I make Peach Infused Bourbon.

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