Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Painted Meringue Toddler Project

Looking for a simple dessert for kids to help decorate? I just found these meringues and I LOVE them.  They taste just like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms {which I haven't had in years because of gelatin} and I thought it would be fun for Sonja to help decorate them.  I used the India Tree dyes because they are made of vegetable dyes- however they didn't apply as nicely as I would have liked so if you are into conventional food colorings, by all means, use those instead.
You'll need:
Trader Joe's Meringues
Food Coloring
Bowls for mixing
Pastry Brush
Parchment Paper
I taped the paper to the table and we placed the meringues out to apply the food coloring.  I mixed a splash of water with a generous amount of coloring.
Sonja painted the colored water on top of all the meringues.
The blue wasn't pretty so we opted for the red and yellow only.
I may have attempted more complete coverage on the left six meringues.
We left them to dry over night and flipped them over once the tops were dry so the bottoms were not soggy and also had a chance to air dry.
Sonja was very proud of her work.  We put them out for dessert at a recent family brunch and everyone enjoyed them {except Husband who doesn't like meringues.  say what?!}

Do you also combine crafts and food with your kids? Edible art?  If so, I'd love to read about it, link in the comments so I can find more fun projects like this.

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